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This blog will chronicle my quilting experiences. I have been sewing since my grandmother taught me to as a child. I loved it even then. I began quilting in 2004 to make a quilt of my daughter's school uniforms. Check out the Lauren's Sacred Heart Quilt page. I fell in love with quilting and have not stopped since. I belong to several great quilt guilds. Happy Quilting!

Friday, January 2, 2015

Trying to Finish Up Christmas Gifts

I am trying to finish up these 2 quilts which were meant to be Christmas gifts.  I am not allowing myself to start anything else until I finish these!  Of course I didn't get to them until a few days before Christmas.  I told the recipients they were coming- just not when.  I go back to work on January 12, so I will finish before then- I promise.
Arthur's quilt- this is a gift for the maintenance man in my condo building.  He is also a minister part-time, hence the crosses.  Lots of New Orleans themed fabrics in here too.  But, the main theme is black and white.  This one came out large- 74 X 92.  Now to quilt it on my domestic machine.

Joe's quilt- this is a gift for Joe, Arthur's assistant.  I chose these colors because Joe has such a colorful personality.  He is never in a bad mood.  He loves my little dog and looks for him each morning when we go walk.  I couldn't made a quilt for Arthur and not make one for Joe. 

These 2 guys really take care of all of us in our condo building.  They admire my quilts when they come in my unit.  But they ask why I keep making more blankets!  If you're not a quilter, you don't get the obsession, right?

Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas is Over? Not Yet!

Each year I spend from September to the beginning of December working on items to sell at our church mission market.  From experience I know that they want small items such as placemats, napkins, table runners, aprons, etc.  This year was no exception.  I felt like I hadn't done much quilting in quite a while.

After the mission market was over I had to work on a quilt for our minister as a gift from my Sunday School class.  I have 2nd to 5th graders.  During the summer we did this handprint project on fabric.  I then designed a quilt around it.  Here is the result.
I used mostly Kaffe fabrics because those went so well with the colorful handprints.  It's hard to see in this picture, but I thread painted in stems and leaves to make this a flower garden.  I think the border just makes the quilt.  It is a French braid from a pattern which makes a whole quilt.  I made the pinwheels and French braid elements on a quilting retreat in November.  But, after our mission market I had 1 week to assemble this quilt and quilt it.  I was pleased with how it turned out.  Our minister was surprised and very, very pleased.  She says she'll treasure it for the rest of her life.

Christmas is over, right?  Well, I have 2 quilts I was working on as Christmas gifts.  All I have left to do is the quilting.  Then something happened.  The light fixture in the room blew out.  I should be able to get an electrician this week.  Meanwhile I told the 2 recipients their gift is coming, one day. 

Monday, July 14, 2014

Charity Quilts

It seems that the month of July has been all about quilting for donation quilts.  The first charge for the Cotton Pickin' quilt guild was to make a quilt to be donated to CASA Jefferson for a child.  Since my 2 1/2" strips were multiplying rapidly, I chose to do the Scrappy Trips or Trip Around the World pattern.  It says to not worry about color or patterns, so it does look eclectic, no planned.  Here is the finish project quilted. 
Scrappy Trips

The Stitchy Fingers quilt guild had a charity sew day at the end of June.  We were to work on a quilt to be donated to charity.  I chose to put together blocks that I assembled as a leader and ender project for a quilt of valor.  For the blocks I chose to do Heartstring blocks.  I chose a navy blue to use as the common center strip.  I made 9 1/2" blocks.  I put together a previous quilt with a heart pattern.  This one I chose to do the diamond pattern.  Love the diamonds!  After I assembled the blocks, this is the result.

Quilt of Valor

The size of this quilt just met the requirements for the Quilt of Valor.  And it looked too plain.  So, I decided to add a couple of borders. 
Quilt of Valor with borders
Now, to quilt the Quilt of Valor.  This one will go to a local quilt shop that is hosting a challenge.  I just love leader and ender projects.  It's amazing how you end up with a another quilt once you complete the pieces.

Have a quilty day!

Monday, June 23, 2014

What Am I Working on Now?

Wow!  Didn't realize I hadn't updated this blog since February.  Where has the time gone?  I don't remember what I've done in the meantime, but here's what I am currently working on. 

Of course I should be working on my 2 Judy Niemeyer quilts.  I bought Glacier Star as a block-of-the-month several years ago.  I'm on step 2.  More on that one later.  In April I took a class with Judy to make the 4th of July quilt.  So, am I working on those?  No.....

I signed up to do Gyleen Fitzgerald's summer camp.  It is online with instructions emailed every week, sometimes several times a week.  The quilt is a utility quilt, 60 X 60, to be used for picnics, beach, etc.  The top is done and the instructions for the pieced back are coming today.  I was able to use some scraps and some fabric that I had little left.  Also, some pieces that I thought what in the world am I going to do with that?

I got my Easy Street quilt, Bonnie Hunter's mystery from 2012, back from the quilter.  Loretta Webre quilted it and she did a fabulous job quilting it in a fleur de lis pattern.  The back is a blue and white toile and it is so soft.  It is on my bed now and I just love it!  It is a perfect summer quilt.

I didn't do Bonnie's 2013 mystery quilt, Celtic Solstice.  Her mysteries begin the day after Thanksgiving and end January 1.  For many, that is the busiest time of the year.  And she likes quilts with small pieces.  I believe one of her recent mysteries had 4,300+ pieces!  I get so many donation quilts done by having a leader and ender project.  I typically do scrap strip blocks.  But, I had a great idea!  My favorite BH quilt is Roll, Roll, Cotton Boll.  So, I thought, why not do that quilt as a leader and ender project?  It took me about a week to cut out the thousands of pieces.  I sewed together the pieces waiting to assemble the main blocks.  Now I will do the 600 red/white half square triangles as leader and enders while working on my Judy Niemeyer quilts.  Good plan, huh?  Here are the blacks I have together so for.  What I do is after I have 20 red/white half square triangles together I  stop and piece a block together.  I hope to have this one together by the end of the year.  Maybe in time for her next mystery!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Bounce UFO

I have one UFO.  I know, don't hate me, but I do not like UFOs.  I've had this one for a few years.  Several years ago I took a class with Kaffe Fassett in Houston.  The class was for the Bounce quilt.  We spent the entire class choosing colors and working on the design wall.  No sewing.  Got home and there it sat.  This is the current state.  Need to finish sewing the circles with the blanket stitch for machine applique. 
What's next?  To sew corners on 400+ squares snowball block style.  Think I want to do that?  That's why it has remained a UFO. This is what it looks like in the book all done.

 And I've decided I no longer like this quilt and probably won't keep it when done.  So, why spend all that time to make 400+ snowball blocks.  I'm waving the white flag on this one.  Since the center is 40 X 52 I am going to finish the applique and quilt it.  It will then be a donation quilt for a children's charity.  Some little girl will love this pink one. 

How have I avoided additional UFOs?  A friend of mind told me a few years ago that she has put together a collection of fabrics that coordinate and every class she takes she makes a few of the blocks taught in the class.  When she has enough blocks from various classes she will then put them together for a quilt.  BINGO!  That's is what I'm doing now.  Have you ever thrown in the towel on a UFO?

Monday, January 6, 2014

Scrappy challenge table runner

This past holiday season I was overwhelmed with my goals of items to make for the church's Christmas bazar.  I literally sewed and quilted from September until December.  So, this year my goal is to make 1 item each month.  When Judy Laquidara at Patchwork Times came out with her monthly scrappy challenge involving a designated block she included diagrams for a quilt and a table runner.  I made this table runner using scraps from the other Christmas projects I did this year.  I do not have an inch of either the white or green fabrics left- those were truly scraps.  I do have about 1/2 yard of the red left, so you may see it again!
January done- cha ching!  Now I get to spend the rest of the month working on a UFO- right?

Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas gift- Jai's guitar quilt

For Christmas gifts for my sister's grandchildren I made quilts.  The 2 little girls are 7 and got everything in the toy store from Santa, so I made them cute little flower quilts they could use to take a nap (Ha).  My sister's grandson is 14.  He plays the guitar and loves to hunt deer.  His quilt is guitars (and other musical instruments) on the front.
And on the back, camo fabric
He loved it!  And we put it to good use.  As it began to get dark on Christmas night we decided to all sleep over and have a slumber party!  It was so much fun.  Happy Holidays All!