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This blog will chronicle my quilting experiences. I have been sewing since my grandmother taught me to as a child. I loved it even then. I began quilting in 2004 to make a quilt of my daughter's school uniforms. Check out the Lauren's Sacred Heart Quilt page. I fell in love with quilting and have not stopped since. I belong to several great quilt guilds. Happy Quilting!

Friday, January 2, 2015

Trying to Finish Up Christmas Gifts

I am trying to finish up these 2 quilts which were meant to be Christmas gifts.  I am not allowing myself to start anything else until I finish these!  Of course I didn't get to them until a few days before Christmas.  I told the recipients they were coming- just not when.  I go back to work on January 12, so I will finish before then- I promise.
Arthur's quilt- this is a gift for the maintenance man in my condo building.  He is also a minister part-time, hence the crosses.  Lots of New Orleans themed fabrics in here too.  But, the main theme is black and white.  This one came out large- 74 X 92.  Now to quilt it on my domestic machine.

Joe's quilt- this is a gift for Joe, Arthur's assistant.  I chose these colors because Joe has such a colorful personality.  He is never in a bad mood.  He loves my little dog and looks for him each morning when we go walk.  I couldn't made a quilt for Arthur and not make one for Joe. 

These 2 guys really take care of all of us in our condo building.  They admire my quilts when they come in my unit.  But they ask why I keep making more blankets!  If you're not a quilter, you don't get the obsession, right?


  1. What wonderful gifts you are making! It is funny when people don't understand the NEED to create quilts. Happy quilting!

  2. They are both lovely but I must admit the colorful one is my fav! I know they'll keep those guys warm.

  3. You are so right. If you don't quilt (or live with a quilter) you don't always get it.

  4. Donita, these are really marvelous, and it's so kind of you to make quilts for these guys. It's nice to pamper the people who take care of us in our lives, especially when they're outside our expected "gift range". :D